Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things Are Not Always Black or White – Or Could They Be?

Do you love the look of black and white in your home d├ęcor? See how some of our favorite black and white fabrics can be incorporated into your home.

Majestic Spires Black
Featured in Ripple Fold Drapery

HGTV Looped Onyx
Featured as Flat Panel Valance

Robert Allen Soft Scrolls Jet

Zig Zag Black White

Iman Home Foto Fleur Onyx

Waverly - Strands Tuxedo

Easton Black

Gauge Midnight

Robert Allen Dotscape
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Favorite Fabrics To Use In Your Home – A Designers Perspective

Regal Drapes designer Christine Marinelli shares her favorite fabrics to use in your home.

A crisp summer color combination that would be stunning in almost any living room, master bedroom or office would be our Flat Roman Shade in a Meadowmere Sea fabric from 
Kravet's Alexa Hampton Collection. This paired with Nickel Grommet Drapery panels in Jefferson Linen Optic White fabric is sure to be an eye-pleaser.

Kravet: Meadowmere Sea Fabric
Jefferson Linen: Optic White Fabric

For a glamorous look try our Back Tab Drapery in Sultana Velvet Onyx from Iman home. Alone or coupled with a Ripple Fold Drapery treatment in Bejeweled Cloud is a beautiful combination. Don't forget the hardware! Add any of our numerous hardware styles in a Brushed Nickel finish. 

Iman Home: Sultana Velvet Onyx Fabric
Bejeweled Cloud Sheers

To tie the look together add pillows with accent fabrics from our HGTV Life Line Collection. Use the fabrics Zinc and Gilty Pleasure Zinc. Or try HGTV Home Decor Fabric Intertwined Zinc. Mix up pillow sizes to give more character to your room.

HGTV: Life Line Zinc

HGTV: Gilty Pleasure Zinc

HGTV: Intertwined Zinc
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

What Color Should You Use When Decorating?

Not sure what colors to use when it comes to decorating your home? Color can elicit different emotions, so it is important to know how it can influence your mood prior to starting that next home improvement project. Here's a rundown of different colors and the psychology behind using each one:

Color Is Key To Home Decor

RED is an intense color that can be used to attract attention. It can be great for an accent wall or as accessories to bring color to a neutral space.

ORANGE is a warm and welcoming color that works well in an entry way or living room. You can also bring some fun energy to a child's playroom using this color in the space. 

YELLOW evokes energy and excitement and is perfect for a sun room, kitchen, or child's bedroom. However, babies are known to cry more around this color - so you may want to hold off using it in your newborn's room.
Yellow Evokes Energy
GREEN is a soothing and peaceful color that symbolizes nature. This color works well in a dining room or area of your home where relaxation is key.

BLUE creates peaceful and tranquil feelings. It is a color often used in the bedroom to induce sleep.

PURPLE can be used to create a romantic and elegant space. You can create a rich and luxurious feel to any room of your home using this color.  

BROWN is a popular color used to create an inviting and cozy feel. 
Brown Feels Cozy
BLACK creates a bold and powerful look and is a color that never seems to go out of style.

Still not sure what color to use? Here's a great Designer Tip: Pull some clothes from your closet and see what colors you gravitate towards. It will be a clue as to what to use in your home.