Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Goes Into Making A Regal Drape?

Quality. That is the cornerstone of our business. We proudly hand make all of our custom drapery in our state of the art workroom in New Jersey. So what exactly goes into making a Regal Drape? Once our customer selects the style and fabric using our Design Tool we provide a meticulously handcrafted product using the finest of details:

BLIND-STITCHED HEMS provide a clean tailored look. The hemming process takes the unfinished edge of the fabric and wraps it into a beautiful straight line. The fabric is then sewn using a blind-stitch machine. This processes conceals the thread on the visible side of the drape leaving a clean hem.


CLEAR MONO FILAMENT THREAD is ultra-durable, has no color and blends onto any fabric. We use this thread on most of our drapery to ensure that only the beautiful drapery fabric is visible, and not the thread joining it. It is specially formulated to hold up against extreme sunlight exposure ensuring a longer life for your custom drape.

HAND-SEWN CORNERS reinforces the drapery ensuring a quality long lasting drape. Blind stitching makes for gorgeous hems where the thread is almost invisible creating crisp clean lines.

BOTTOM WEIGHTS are placed at all corners of the drapery to ensure an even luxurious hang.

CAREFULLY MATCHED PATTERNS allows us to join several lengths together to make a wider drape. Drapery fabric typically comes in 54 to 60 inch widths(we simply do not carry any smaller widths). A pattern presents a challenge in that it has to be cut and matched perfectly otherwise it will look completely off. Our craftsmen take great care to carefully cut and join panels to create a perfect match that is only noticeable when looked at up close.

5” BUCKRAM HEADINGS are used on all of our pleated and flat panels. This stiffening agent creates a crisp look that only comes with custom made drapery. The buckram also helps to control and set the folds on your drapery.

DRAPERY HOOKS are pre-install on all flat panel and pleated drapery. This makes it easier to take the drape out of the box and hang. Drapery hooks can be readjusted to increase / decrease the vertical coverage of the drapery.

LINING OPTIONS are provided as an added benefit to provide more fullness to the drape while protecting the fabric from the suns harmful rays. Our basic option is Sateen Lining (sometimes called privacy) but we also offer Thermal Lining (dim out), Black Out Lining (complete light blockage), and Interlining (add additional body and fullness).

Each drapery undergoes multiple checks before it ever leaves our workroom. We are so confident about the quality of our product that we are the only drapery company that offers a 100% refund on custom made product. This level of commitment is what ensures that our customers receive a product worthy of being called a Regal Drape©.

Monday, September 8, 2014

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