Friday, October 17, 2014

Top Design Tips For Home Decorating

Are you ready to give your living space a fresh look?  Use these design tips to guide you through your next design project.

Choose a Color Scheme: Create a feeling of continuity and coordination in your living space by choosing a color scheme.  For maximum impact, follow the 60/30/10 rule. Choose a dominant color for sixty percent of your space; a complementary color for thirty percent; and an accent color for ten percent.

Pick a Point of Interest: A lack of a focal point, or too many points of interest, can make a room feel cluttered and busy. By choosing a feature or two to stand out, you can anchor the room and create a sense of order.

Incorporate Texture: From richly-colored drapes to plush rugs, utilizing texture in your living space creates a warm and inviting environment.  In a monochromatic color scheme, texture can be used in place of color for a visually interesting space.

Lighting: Choose a feature in the room that you want to accentuate, and plan your lighting accordingly.  From chandeliers to floor lamps, there are many options for choosing the right lighting for your space.

Little Changes have a Big Impact: Maybe you don’t have the time, money or desire for a massive design overhaul.  By switching out accent pillows, adding a rug or window treatments, you can give your room a whole new look.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Getting Your Home Ready For The Holidays

Now that fall has arrived, that means the holidays are right around the corner. As you start to plan you may also want to remember to start getting your home ready as well. Regal Drapes designer Joanne Sliva suggests you look at your home with scrutiny, and use a guest's eyes to see it as it is. Here are some tips and advice on how to prepare as you look around your home:

The Entry: As people enter your home, this will be their first impression. Is there a mat at the door for guests to wipe their feet? Maybe you want to add a plant or some fresh flowers to welcome your guests. Is there a tired window treatment in the hallway that could use some updating?

Living Room: As people gather, this room will be where people sit back and reconnect. Do you have enough seating and lighting? Look at your window treatments. Can the drapes be dressed to perfection with a valance?  How about adding tiebacks?

Dining Room: This room becomes more popular during the holidays as people sit down to eat together. Do you have fresh table linens and enough table settings for your guests? If you need to update the drapes, do so in a contrasting fabric to pull in another color in the room and bring the room together.

Kitchen: This is a popular place to gather as guests help out the host or naturally congregate as they enjoy the season's delicious treats and drinks. Add a Roman shade or valance to bring attention to the window as part of the decor.

Powder Room: It's small but people have plenty of time to look around.  Something lovely and detailed like a shaped or layered treatment will bring interest and dress up the room in a big way for that small window.

Joanne Sliva is a soft furnishings designer at who loves helping customers beautify their home. She has a passion for advising on paint colors, furniture arrangements and accessories. Previously she had her own workroom, "Beautiful Windows" helping customers with home decor. In her spare time, she loves updating her own 1930's English Tudor home.