Friday, May 15, 2015

10 Quick Tips from Professional Drapery Designers

It’s easy to get that designer look in your own home with a few quick tips from our Regal Drapes design team. Follow these guidelines to help make your home design project easy!

  • Start by considering the style of the room. Is it living room that you want it to feel casual? Or is your style more formal?
  • Consider function. Do you need to control the light? Do you want to stop that draft or boiling sun? There are various linings that serve different purposes depending on what you need.
  • Get ideas by looking through magazines, online design galleries, TV and movies. See what looks are trending now or what imagery catches your eye.
  • Having a hard time finding what you love? Why not look outside. You can always find inspiration in nature, either with color, texture or design. Bring the outdoors in and frame the view as you would a piece of fine art.
  • Start to pick out 5-10 fabrics that you really love. Order samples to test out what the fabric looks like in different lighting.
  • Create a monochromatic pallet room that can be popped with a bright primary accents and bold statement fabrics.
  • Dark colors can be used in small spaces and can create a dramatic area when combined with high contrast accents and furnishings.
  • However, don’t be afraid to try colors and patterns together - you don't know until you try it. Some of the best combinations come from thinking out of the box.
  • Almost done! Look at the wall with a critical eye. Is there a light switch or a thermostat that could be in the way? Is the window frame deep enough for an inside mounted shade?
  • Overall have fun - don't take it too serious! Perfection can come from the most unlikely mistakes.

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