Friday, May 8, 2015

Why Buy Custom Drapes?

Custom Drapes emphasize the style of a room.  Even though a room may be furnished with many high-end furnishings and architectural details, without custom drapes, a room may feel cold and unfinished. Custom draperies, valances, and Roman shades bring color and drama to a well-furnished room.

The unique texture and color of these 2 story sheer drapes completely dictate the unique style of this otherwise ordinary apartment loft.

Color? Choose Anything

When you select a custom window treatment you are open to numerous fabrics, therefore unlimited colors and patterns. This large selection will match your furniture and home décor better than a pre-packaged product. You will have a unique look that no one else will have. 

Add Your Personal Style

Want to create a room that is super formal or super fun?  Pick a print that tells the story. Choosing custom drapes can allow for a person to add additional flare and project the style in the room that they are hoping to achieve. Adding custom borders, valances and custom hardware can all reinforce a particular look.

Go Green & Save Energy

Functioning draperies can add to the energy efficiency of your home by providing thermal control. What good is a living room that feels drafty?  Why not create a space that is cozy and energy efficient.  Lining also protects the drapery fabric and your furnishings from the sun’s harsh rays, extending the life of the draperies and everything in your room.

Built To Operate On Your Window

Your treatment will be custom made for you.  Custom means custom fitting.  If it is designed to block out light, it will. If it is designed to hide an unsightly view of something you doing like inside the room, It will.  If it is designed to obscure the outside view, it can.  If it is designed to be decorative and not operate, it will take up the exact amount of space you design it for.  Stock “off the shelf” drapery treatments often do not operate or fall exactly where you want them.


The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship of a custom drape cannot compare with a packaged, stock drape. Custom drapes are hand finished, and built to last. Your money will not go to waste.

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  1. It's like that pattern was custom made just for you and your living room & dining room. Great colors and patterns! Drapes are very fantastic!