Friday, June 12, 2015

10 Drapery Terms Defined

You want to add those extra finishing touches to a room - that gorgeous area rug, plus some colorful vases and frames as accent pieces. You know window treatments will complete the look of the room, but not sure exactly what you need? There are many details that go into picking out that perfect window treatment. You don’t have to be an expert, but it is good to know some of the lingo used so you get exactly the look you want.

Casing or Molding: The wooden frame around a window, used as the basis for all measurements for any window treatment.
White Molding Borders Each Window

Header: The top portion of drapery where it is hung on a curtain rod. Different types include: Pleated, Pocket, Grommet, etc.
Pinch Pleat Drapery

Stackback: The amount of space taken up when the drapery is in an open position.
Gorgeous Drapery Highlights Window

Traverse Rod: A rod that drapery can be attached to for easy opening and closing.
Traverse Rod Used For Ripple Fold Drapery

Width of Material: The actual width of the material plus the side seam allowances.
Width of Material Can Vary Depending on Desired Fullness

Return: The amount of drapery needed to cover the hardware from the front of the rod to the wall.
Fabric Covers Hardware in This Valance/Drapery Combination

Tieback or Hold Back: A decorative piece that can be added to drapery to tie or hold back the material to allow light to enter a room.
Tie Back Adds Extra Texture

Drape Lining: Added to a drapery to protect the fabric from the sun’s harsh rays, and can be used to give drapery more body and fullness.
Heavy Weight Sateen with a Softened Lustre Finish

Flat Roman: Type of shade that when is closed has fabric that is flat in appearance. When opened up, the fabric comes together as it folds.
Beautiful Fabric Visible with a Flat Roman Shade

Classic Roman: Type of shade has the decorative pleats visible when closed. As the shade opens, the fabric pleats stack on top of each other in flat even folds.
Classic Roman Shades are Attractive and Functional

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